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Part#: COVR2700
Product Details:

COVR2700 21st Century Sealing Iron

FEATURES: Uses 110V power source for the US market.                           
          Advanced built-in solid-state thermostat maintains heat within      
           3°F (1.7°C) of dial setting.(Temp chart on box)                    
          Temperature range of 150 to 410°F (65 - 210°C).                     
          Unique iron w/upswept "wings" on the sides for fillets & under      
           cambers without gouging the underlying surface or your covering.   
          When the iron reaches the dialed-in temperature, the temperature    
           procesing indicator light begins to blink.                         
          100% blackstone shoe coating resists scratches & adhesive buildup.  
INCLUDES: One 21st Century Sealing Iron 110V w/ 5' AC cord.                   
          One Iron sock.                                                      
          One Wire iron stand.                                                
SPECS:    Input Voltage: 110V AC US Standard                                  
          Minimum Wattage: 4.8 W rms                                          
          Maximum Wattage: 174 W rms                                          
COMMENTS: The blue light blinks while the iron is adjusting temperature. Once 
            the temperature stabilizes the light goes out. At max power the   
            blue light remains solid


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