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Part#: FUTS9202
Product Details:

The S9202 replaces the S9201 and has nylon gears.
Futaba products have a 1-Year Warranty for defects in materials & workmanship. 
         This servo can produce high-current draw from your batteries.         
         If using NiMH or LiPo batteries, make sure they are capable           
                        of delivering sufficient amps.                         
   This is not dustproof as is the S9304, thus is not suggested for cars and   
      trucks. This is not a requirement for servos used in planes.             
INCLUDES: One S9202 Coreless servo with 2 Ball Bearings                        
          One Accessory Bag (mounting hardware and horns)                      
SPECS:    Length: 1.6" x 0.8" x 1.4" (1-5/8 x 13/16 x 1-7/16")                 
            (41 x 20 x 36mm)                                                   
          Torque: 56 oz-in @ 4.8V - 69 oz-in @ 6V                              
                  (4.0 kg-cm @ 4.8V - 5.0 kg-cm @ 6V)                          
          Transit Time: .27 sec/60° @ 4.8V - .22 sec/60° @ 6V                  
          Weight: 1.8oz (1-3/4oz) (50g)                                        
COMMENTS: A note on Coreless motors. A conventional servo motor has a steel    
            core armature wrapped with with wire that spins inside the magnets.
           In a Coreless design, the armature uses a thin wire mesh that forms 
           a cup that spins around the outside of the magnet eliminating the   
           heavy steel core. This design is much lighter resulting in smoother 
           operation and faster response time.

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