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Part#: FUTS9152
Product Details:

Comes with "J" Connector Pre-Installed.                       
FEATURES: Heavy duty wiring handles higher current loads                       
          New metal center casing helps dissipate heat and is designed to be   
            water and dust resistant                                           
          Coreless motor                                                       
          High Torque                                                          
          Metal gear                                                           
          One year warranty                                                    
INCLUDES: One Futaba S9152 Digital Rudder Servo                                
          Two rectangular grommets                                             
          Four brass bushings                                                  
          Four 3mm x 15mm self tapping phillips head mounting screws           
          One 1.2" (30mm) diameter round horn                                  
          One 3.5" (88mm) diameter star shaped six point horn                  
          One 3.9" (98mm) diameter four point horn                             
          Metal and nylon gears                                                
SPECS:    Speed:  .23 sec/60° @ 4.8V                                           
                  .19 sec/60° @ 6.0V                                           
          Torque: 222 oz-in (16.0kg/cm) @ 4.8V                                 
                  278 oz-in (20.0kg/cm) @ 6V                                   
          Weight: 3.0oz  (85g)                                                 
          Dimensions: 1.9 x 1.0 x 1.6" (49 x 25 x 40mm)                        
          Output Shaft Diameter: 8mm                                           
          Distance between mounting hole centers same side:      .55"   (14mm) 
          Distance between mounting hole centers opposite side: 2.35" (59.6mm) 
COMMENTS: S9152 Digital Servo Precautions,                                     
          -It is best to avoid long leads and Y-harnesses especially with      
           standard grade wires. If problems are encountered, consider using   
           heavy duty wire such as Futaba's Heavy Duty Series or Hobbico's     
           Pro Series,minimizing lead lengths, and/or removing Y-harnesses.    
           -Current Drain: Futaba S9152 Servo is Specially Designed for High-  
            Torque and High-Speed, Therefore Very High Current Drain Is        
            Normal At Startup. For Ultimate Performance When Using This Servo  
            Please Review The Following Points.                                
            (1) When Using Systems With the Battery Fail Safe Function it Has  
              a Higher Cut-Off Voltage Setting Which Will Cause Shorter        
              Operation Time.                                                  
            (2) When Installing the Servo Please Check Pushrod Linkage To Make 
              Sure There Is No Binding in Order To Prevent Excessive Power     
              Consumption and Decrease the Life of the Motor and Battery.      
         This digital servo cannot be used with the following * AM *           
               transmitters as the servo neutral signal is: 1310us).           
        CONQUEST AM, FG Series (T4FG, T5FGK,T6FG, T6FGK, T7FGK), New Terratop, 
              T3EGX, T3PGE, T2NL, T2LGX, T2FR, T2PK series.                    
      ****   Otherwise they will work fine with current AM systems  *****      
            A note on Coreless motors: conventional servo motors have a steel    
            core armature wrapped with with wire that spins inside the magnets.
          In a coreless design, the armature uses a thin wire mesh that forms  
            a cup that spins around the outside of the magnet eliminating the  
            heavy steel core. This design is much lighter resulting in smoother
            operation and faster response time.   

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