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Part#: ITA6553S
1/35 Carro Armato L6/40 Tank

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Part#: TAM35050
1:35 German 8T Half Track Sdkfz 7/1 - CA150

Recognising the excellent tractive force and cross-country ability of half tracks, the German Army Ordnance Bureau decided in 1932 to develop six military half tracks, from a 1-ton to a large 18-ton tractor. Different car makers were ordered to develop one of these.

Krauss-Maffeir in Munich took charge of an 8-ton half tracks. Because this firm had given attention and study to half tracks since 1928, they completed a prototype, named KMm7 as early as 1933. It soon developed into the KMm8 and KMm9, and in 1936 the KMm10 was put into production. It was not until the KMm10 was born that the 8-ton half track was officially designated "Medium 8-ton Tractor (Sd.Kfz-7). The last production model, KMm11 was completed in 1938 and put into production immediately.

The production of the 8-ton half track totalled about 1,200 in number by the end of World War II. One of these models was the 8-ton half track with 20mm four-barrelled AA machine gun (Sd.kfz 7/1)

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Part#: TAM35200
1:35 Ger. Self-Propelled Howitzer - "WESPE"

When German Forces encountered the harsh Russian winter and superiority of Soviet tanks on the Eastern Front during WW2, they rushed to develop new equipment immediately. In addition to more powerful tanks and anti-tank weaponry, fully tracked self-propelled guns were necessary to accompany motorized troops. To fulfill this need, several prototypes were built up using existing guns and tracked chassis as interim solutions. One mounted the Type 18/2, 10.5cm L/28 light howitzer on a Panzer II chassis. The gun was the standard light field howitzer used by German artillery forces at the time, and the Panzer II had been already proven reliable with its cross-country ability. To mount the gun, the engine had to be relocated from the rear to the middle of the hull. The movable tank turret was replaced with a simple box-shaped steel structure. As its primary role was intended to be for infantry support, the fighting compartment was only lightly armored at the front and sides, and the top was left uncovered. The finished weapons system allowed the gun to elevate 42 degrees and traverse 34 degrees, and had a muzzle brake added to the gun to reduce recoil. It carried a crew of five with 32 rounds of 10.5cm howitzer ammunition. Officially named the "Wespe" (Wasp in German), its production began in February 1943, and although originally intended as a stopgap weapon, it remained in production until September 1944 with 676 produced.

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Part#: TAM37020
1/35 U.S. Light Tank M24 Chaffee

About the Model
This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit accurately recreating the U.S. Light Tank M24 Chaffee.

Length: 155mm, width: 82mm.

Italeri's classic kit is given a new lease of life, with new and updated parts!

Includes a highly realistic aluminum gun barrel.

Features assembly-type WWII tracks with single-piece straight sections.

Turret has newly added WWII antenna base parts and weld lines.

Accessories include M2, ammunition boxes, bags, folded sheets and jerry cans.

Comes with a commander torso figure, plus marking options for the vehicles on the Italian front and in Germany.

Vehicle parts are a product of Italeri.

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Part#: MNA35141

Scale: 1:35

Barcode: 4820041102596

Series: WW II Military Miniatures

Box size: 260x162x35 mm

Parts QTY: 35

Set includes 5 unassembled and unpainted figures.

More Info
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Part#: TAM35350
1/35 US Tank Destroyer M10

This is a United States Army M10 Tank Destroyer 1/35 scale model from Tamiya. One of the more famous armored vehicles from WWII and a previous subject of Tamiya's 1/48 scale Military Miniatures series, this depicts the M10 in glorious 1/35 scale detail. Apart from the machine gun and clear parts, all of the parts used in this model have been custom tooled to faithfully represent the M10.

The M10 was developed during WWII as a response to the surprisingly effective German armor tactics, which prompted a new philosophy of armor tactics that required dedicated tank destroyers to counter them. After trying out a couple of different designs, they eventually ended with the incredibly successful M10 design featuring steep-sloped but thin (to improve maneuverability) armor plate and a power 3-inch (76.2mm) gun. Over 4,900 were produced, it debuted in Operation Torch of the North African campaign, where it proved its efficacy against German tanks. The M10 would continue to fight in Italy, the Battle of Normandy, and eventually advanced upon Germany to help bring the terrible conflict to an end.

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