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Part#: PINP382
Racer Display Stand

   This is a Racer Display Stand from Pine Car.                   
FEATURES: Peserves cars in trophy-like splendor after the race.               
          Sleek metal bracket holds any car and mounts on a solid oak base.   
          Includes instructions.                                              
INCLUDES: One Racer Display Stand                                             
REQUIRES: Phillips Screwdriver                                                

Our Price: $6.99
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Part#: PINP383
Building & Racing Book

  This is a How-To Book for Building and Racing Cars                
                               from Pine Car.                                 
FEATURES: Glossy 24 page Black and White book.                                
          A complete how-to book with detailed instructions on building, racing
            and displaying your car after the race is over.                   
          Detailed instructions that include designing, cutting, shaping,     
            painting and adding details to your derby race car.               
          Speed & Racing section gives detailed information on how factors such
            as shape, weight and axle polishing can be used to get more speed 
            out of your car.                                                  
          A must for any car racer.                                           
INCLUDES: One How-to Book for Building and Racing Cars.                

Our Price: $5.99
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Part#: PINP355
Dry White

  This is a Tube of Dry White Lubricant from Pine Car.              
FEATURES: Fine white non-staining lubricant in a "puffer" tube with an        
            additive that clings to smooth surfaces for improved lubrication. 
          Safe for metal, plastic, wood and rubber.                           
          Will not attract dust.                                              
          Use when local rules prohibit the use of graphite.                  
INCLUDES: One Tube of Dry White Lubricant          

Our Price: $3.99
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Part#: PINSR470
Sailboat Racer Kit

     This is a Sailboat Racer Kit from Pine Car.                
FEATURES: Sailboat Racers are small wooden sailboat assembly kits.            
          Easily assembled and finished with little or no adult supervision.  
          Races can be held indoors or outdoors in rain gutter courses (see   
            instructions for building a rain gutter course) or swimming pools.
          Skippers blow into the sails to move their boats over the course.   
          Includes hull, mast, keel & rudder and sail.                        
          Assembly and racing instructions are included.                      
INCLUDES: One Sailboat Racer Kit.                                             

Our Price: $6.99
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Part#: PINP379
Stick-on Designer Weights

  This is a Designer Stick-On Weight Set from Pine Car.             
FEATURES: The heavier your car, the faster it goes.                           
            Incremental weights allow you to adjust your car's weight.        
          Remove portion of weight needed with a hacksaw.                     
          Attach to sides of car using glue or the included double stick tape.
          Carded packaging with instructions on the rear.                     
INCLUDES: One Designer Stick-On Weight Set.                                   

Our Price: $3.99
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Part#: PINP4038
Micro-Polishing System

    This is the Micro-Polishing System from PineCar®.                
FEATURES: Everything you need to polish your axles for a smooth spin          
          Progreesive polishing system                                        
          Remove burrs, chamfer and notch axles                               
          Polish axles for five cars                                          
          Kit includes a magnifier to monitor your polishing progress         
          For a competitive edge, follow up with the Diamond Finishing        
            Kit (PINY4039)                                                    
          Instructions provided                                               
INCLUDES: One triangular file                                                 
          Seven grades of sand and polishing paper                            
          One magnifying glass                      

Our Price: $8.99
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Part#: PINP4039
Diamond Finishing System

 This is the Diamond Finishing System from PineCar®.               
FEATURES: Polish axles and hubs                                               
          Removes imperfections and scuffs                                    
          Finish axles for five cars                                          
          Specially formulated diamond compound removes the finest axle       
            and hub imperfections and scuffs                                  
          Instructions provided                                               
INCLUDES: One diamond polishing compound                                      
          One polishing cloth                                                 
          Two polishing brushes                                               

Our Price: $10.99
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Part#: PINP384
Formula Glue .5 oz

   This is .05 oz Formula Glue by Pine Car.                     
FEATURES: Hi-tack hobby glue that is fast-setting for instant hold, gap-filling
            to adhere uneven surfaces and impact-resistant because it does not
            become brittle.                                                   
          Dries clear as glass.                                               
          Non-toxic, non-flammable and no harmful odors.                      
          Use on wood, metal, plastic and painted surfaces.                   
INCLUDES: One Bottle of Formula Glue.                                         

Our Price: $2.99
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Part#: PINP3921
Baron Von Gofast Cockpit/Driver

   This is the "Baron Von Gofast" Cockpit & Driver from PineCar®.        
FEATURES: Give your racer unique detail and individuality!                    
          Easy to install!                                                    
          Lightweight plastic construction.                                   
          You can use the "Baron Von Gofast" with or without the canopy.      
          Instructions provided on package.                                   
INCLUDES: (1) Cockpit & Driver                            

Our Price: $4.99
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Part#: RMXY9418
Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Racer Kit

Temporarily Unavailable 


  This is the Pinewood Derby® Ford F-150 SVT Rapor                 
                    Racer Series Racer Kit from Revell.                       
                       Suitable for Ages 8 & Older.                           
FEATURES: Officially licensed Ford F-150 SVT Rapor                            
          Build your own winning racer                                        
          Pre-cut wood body                                                   
          Sandpaper and snap weights                                          
          Official wheels and axles included                                  
          Clear, photo-illustrated instructions                               
INCLUDES: Shaped pinewood block                                               
          Peel & stick decal sheet                                            
          2 sheets of sandpaper                                               
          4 each of official wheels and axles                                 
          Stick-on chassis weight                                             
          Photo-illustrated instructions                                      
COMMENTS: Boy Scouts of America® Officially Licensed Product

Our Price: $11.99
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