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Part#: WOOFC139
Underbrush Clump Foliage Forest Blend

This is a Bag of Underbrush (Clump Foliage--Forest Blend)          
                             from Woodland Scenics.                           
FEATURES: Landscaping material for adding color, texture, and realism to      
            terrain contours on your model layout.                            
          Small Clump-Foliage great for making underbrush and small trees     
          Works well for medium ground cover                                  
          It's colorfast and can be used with any scale                       
          Realistic color                                                     
          Compatible with all Woodland Scenics landscape products             
          Complete instructions (on package) make it easy to use and virtually
INCLUDES: One Bag of Underbrush (Forest Blend)                                

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Part#: WOOLK952
Road Building Learning Kit

This You Can Do It Learning Kit is the Economical Way in Learning How to   
      Create a Realistic Road System for Any Scale from Woodland Scenics.     
FEATURES: Learning Kits are value-packed tools that help beginning model      
            railroaders learn how to use Woodland Scenics' scenery system.    
          Road System Learning Kit teaches modelers how to easily add roads and
            other paved areas to any layout.                                  
          The following is included in this kit:                              
            -Paving Tape with Plastic Spreader.                               
            -Smooth It Plaster.                                               
            -Top Coat Asphalt.                                                
            -Foam Brush.                                                      
            -Flat Wood Stick.                                                 
          Instructions demonstrate the use of the materials on a 3x6-inch area.
          Package is hangable.                                                
INCLUDES: One Complete Road System Learning Kit                               
REQUIRES: Water                                                               

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Part#: WOOST1402
Subterrain How-to-Book

  This is a 101 Page SubTerrain How-To-Book from Woodland Scenics.       
     In just five easy steps, you'll learn how to build a realistic model     
railroad layout with mountains, valleys, creeks, and low-lying areas. The     
SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System makes it all possible without the need   
for power tools or complicated calculations.                                  
FEATURES: Glossy softcover 101 page book.                                     
          Includes techniques helpful for the beginner as well as the advanced
            rail modeler.                                                     
          Includes some color and many black and white pictures.              
          This book is full of helpful "how-to" information, such as:         
            -Before you begin.                                                
            -Installing risers to elevate track.                              
            -Gluing and securing SubTerrain.                                  
            -Adding inclines to change elevation.                             
            -Installing profile boards.                                       
            -Installing foam sheets.                                          
            -Adding plaster cloth and track bed.                              
            -Finishing your layout.                                           
            -Special situations.                                              
            -And much, much more!                                             
INCLUDES: One 101 page SubTerrain How-To-Book.              

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Part#: WOOST1452
Foam Smooth-It 1 qt

This is a One Quart Container of Road System Smooth-It from the Subterrain  
               Lightweight Layout System by Woodland Scenics.                 
                          For Adult Use Only.                                 
FEATURES: Create highways, roads, streets, curbing, sidewalks, and railroad   
          Add roads to new or existing layouts.                               
          Easy to apply.                                                      
          Creates a smooth surface to sand and paint.                         
          Working time: approximately 15 minutes.                             
          Setting time: approximately 20-30 minutes.                          
          One quart = approximately 26' of 2 lane HO scale road.              
          Waxed cardboard milk-carton type packaging                          
INCLUDES: One Quart of Smooth-It.                                             
REQUIRES: Paving Tape                                                         
          Mixing Container                                                    

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Part#: WOOC1201
Lightweight Hydrocal 1/2 Gallon

 This is Woodland Scenics' 1/2 Gallon Lightweight Hydrocal.         
FEATURES: Specially formulated for terrain model builders.                    
          Half the weight of Hydrocal and goes twice as far.                  
          It's the tough, quick setting product you will prefer!              
          Use it for casting rocks, creating hard shell scenery, filling in   
            around castings and as an adhesive.                               
          Leaves a smooth finish.                                             
          May be used on Plaster Cloth for making strong hard surfaces.       
          May be tinted with Woodland Scenics Earth Colors (liquid pigments). 
          Instructions are listed on the side of the package.                 
INCLUDES: One Carton of Lightweight Hydrocal                                  
REQUIRES: Mixing Utensils and Bowls                        

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Part#: WOOC1202
Mold-A-Scene Plaster 1/2 Gallon

   This is Woodland Scenics' 1/2 Gallon of Mold-A-Scene Plaster.        
FEATURES: A plaster material that can be shaped like modeling clay, but sets  
            like plaster without a mold.                                      
          Its longer setting time allows a modeler to add terrain contours to 
            new or existing scenery.                                          
          Excellent for dioramas, layouts and models, as well as volcanoes and
            other school projects.                                            
          You may sculpt, shape, trowel, carve, stain or paint.               
          Instructions provided.                                              
INCLUDES: One Carton of Mold-A-Scene Plaster                                  
SPECS:    Weight:  1.2 lb  (1/2 gallon)                                       
COMMENTS: Not well suited for casting because it has a putty like consistency 
            and does not reproduce fine detail.                   

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Part#: WOOC1203
Plaster Cloth 8" X 10' Roll

 Use This 10' Roll of Woodland Scenics Plaster Cloth to Create        
                       Realistic Terrain on Your Layout!                      
FEATURES: The simple, convenient and lightweight way to create a durable      
            terrain shell or base.                                            
          It's a quick, no mix, no mess way of creating a solid lightweight   
            scenery base.                                                     
          Use to make hills, valleys, mountains, and plateaus on your layout. 
          Instructions included.                                              
          Easy to apply and nontoxic.                                         
INCLUDES: One Roll of Plaster Cloth                                           
REQUIRES: Newspaper                                                           
SPECS:    Size:   10 sq ft                                                    
          Width:  8"                                                          
          Length: 15'                                                         

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Part#: WOOC1204
Latex Rubber 16 oz

 Make Your Own Rocks or Other Molds With This Ready-to-Use Latex Rubber    
                            from Woodland Scenics.                            
FEATURES: Formulated to be thin enough to seek detail and thick enough to be  
          Create long-lasting molds with just a few coats.                    
          The Latex Rubber can be applied to almost any surface to duplicate  
            that surface in exact detail.                                     
          These rubber molds will be durable enough to enable you to make many
            castings from each mold.                                          
          Cleans up with soap and water.                                      
INCLUDES: 1 Bottle of Latex Rubber                                            
REQUIRES: Paint Brush                                                         
          Gauze Strips                                                        
SPECS:    Volume:  16 fl oz                                                   

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Part#: WOOC1205
Flex Paste 16 oz

    This is A Bottle of Woodland Scenics' Flex Paste.              
FEATURES: A new and improved modeling paste specially formulated for model    
          Dries flexible; therefore, will not crack.                          
          Perfect as a filler, surfacer, and primer on styrofoam.             
          Use as road base for concrete or asphalt modeling.                  
          Use as a sealer under E-Z Water.                                    
          Versatile adhesive for use with a variety of materials!             
          Will not adhear to plaster.                                         
          Cleans up with soap and water.                                      
INCLUDES: 1 Bottle of Flex Paste                                              
REQUIRES: Brush or Spatula                       

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Part#: WOOST1436
Hot Wire-Replacement Wire

 4 Feet of Woodland Scenics SubTerrain Hot Wire Replacement Wire to be    
                      used with the Hot Wire Foam Cutter.                     
FEATURES: Special nichrome wire retains an even tempurature needed to cut     
            Woodland Scenics' foam products.                                  
          Heats instantly.                                                    
          No mess.                                                            
          Use with the Hot Wire Foam Cutter (ST1435) and the Bow and Guide    
          Replacement instructions included.                                  
INCLUDES: Hot Wire Replacement Wire (4ft)                              

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Part#: WOOC1206
E-Z Water 16 oz

             This Is A Bottle of E-Z Water from Woodland Scenics.             
FEATURES: Heat activated.                                                     
          It's transparent.                                                   
          Create realistic ponds, streams, rivers, and harbours on any layout!
          Nontoxic, low odor product that requires no measuring or mixing.    
          Hardens in minutes.                                                 
INCLUDES: 1 Bottle of E-Z Water                                               
REQUIRES: Heat Source                                                         
SPECS:    Volume:  16 fl oz                                     

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Part#: WOOST1447
Foam Putty Pint

 This is One Pint of Foam Putty from the Subterrain Lightweight Layout System 
                            by Woodland Scenics.                              
                            For Adult Use Only.                               
FEATURES: Foam Putty's special formula makes it ideal for use with foam.      
          The consistency and characteristics of Foam Putty are similar to    
            foam, making sanding, carving and painting easy.                  
          Fill cracks, sculpt or carve, sands smooth.                         
          16 oz. plastic container with locking lid.                          
INCLUDES: One Pint of Foam Putty.                                             
REQUIRES: Water                                                               
          Putty Knife                                                         

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