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Part#: HAN100

This is the Heat Gun from Hangar 9.

1,000 watts of power
Removable nozzle to concentrate heat where it's needed
Built to last
2-year warranty

With 1000 watts of power, adjustable heat levels and a removable nozzle to concentrate heat where it’s needed.

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Part#: HAN101

This is the sealing iron from Hangar 9.

Precise thermostatic control up to 450 degrees
Contoured shoe with Teflon® coating

Basic iron features precise thermostatic-control up to 450°, plus contoured shoe and safety stand.

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Part#: HAN141

This sock can be used on Topflite and many other standard style covering irons.

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Part#: HAN145

This is the ProTrim Sealing Tool from Hangar 9®

ProTrim™ Sealing Tool is perfect for quality-minded modelers who want to achieve the best possible finishing results with minimal effort.

    Optimally shaped flat
    Non-scratch Teflon® coating
    12-foot power cord
    High/low selectable heat
    Includes 2 shoes

Having the right tool for the job makes any task easier. If you want a professional covering job, you need professional quality tools. That's where the Hangar 9 ProTrim™ Sealing Tool comes in handy. It's perfect for quality-minded modelers who want to achieve the best possible finishing results with minimal effort.

The Hangar 9® ProTrim Sealing Tool comes with two shoes: one round and one flat. These shoes have been optimized with the correct angle for covering tight and hard-to-reach places. Furthermore, both shoes have Teflon® coating for a smooth scratch- and dent-free finish. By simply loosening two screws at the head of the ProTrim Sealing Tool, you can easily switch from the flat shoe, which is used in areas with sharp angles (such as the junction between the stabilizer/fin and hinge gaps) to the round shoe for making concave areas look as smooth as a painted surface—perfect for use on concave fillets and Hornerwing tips.

The ProTrim has two temperature settings, low and high, that are controlled through a slide switch. If needed, you can mechanically fine tune the temperature by adjusting how deep the shoe is located in the tool. On low, the temperature setting can range from 186°F to 215°F. On high, the temperature setting can range from 270°F to 318°F.

The ProTrim is supplied with an extra long 12' cord, making it great for covering large airplanes.

It also comes with a table-top stand to protect your work surface from burns. Plus, the ProTrim has a 2-year limited warranty, making it an exceptional value.

Pick up the right tool for the job and seal your next project to perfection. Details count. Get the right tool for the job---the Hangar 9 ProTrim Sealing Tool.

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Part#: TOPR2000

This Top Flite Heat Gun is a handy tool that gives you a fast, drum-tight, mirror smooth finish.

It's ideal for MonoKote, EconoKote and other heat- shrinkable covering films to get a professional finish with less time & effort. This heat gun has a One-Year Warranty.

Adjustable air intake, which allows for easy adjustment of air temperature.
Three position push button switch; ON-OFF-Cool
Variable heat nozzle for narrow or broad airflow
1000 WATTS of power
Powerful motor/fan combination, for steady airflow over surface 120V AC power cord
Quiet, low-noise, lightweight design with comfortable Black plastic handle.
INCLUDES: One Heat Gun w/Removable Heat Nozzle and Instructions on the Box     
Nozzle can heat to appox 400°F

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Part#: TOPR2400

The Smartcut is Designed to give Modeler the Consistent Overlaps and Straight, Clean Edges that Create a Professional-Looking Covering Job.

FEATURES: Durable Plastic Body with Molded-In Fingergrips                      
          Blade Depth Adjustments to Suit Any Covering Job                     
          Guide can be Reversed to Change From a 1/8" to 1/16" Overlap or      
            Removed Completely to Reach Difficult Areas                        
INCLUDES: One Smart Cut Trim Tool w/ Cover and Two Knurled Blade Grips         
          Two #11 Blades 

TOPR2400 SmartCut Trim Tool

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Part#: COVR2750
21st Century Trim Sealing Iron

This is Coverite's 21st Century Trim Sealing Iron with Flat and Rounded Shoe. This is used to apply detail covering or stripes onto your airplane.

Great for hard to reach places using specially-designed tips for fillets, curves, and corners.
High and Low settings let you choose the best temperature for your covering material.
Heat Range Settings from 105° to 305°F with Sliding Button.
Shoes have a Blackstone finish to prevent sticking to covering

One Trim Seal Tool w/ 8.7' cord
One Rounded Shoe
One Flat Shoe
One Aluminum Stand

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