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Genuine Japanese Industrial Standard Screwdriver Set

These quality Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) screwdrivers are designed and manufactured for the proper fit that prevents camouts — the slipping that strips the heads of Japanese Phillips screws.


Maximum Surface Contact = Maximum Grip

Maximum Grip = No Damage to Screws

Sizes 00,0,1,2


Why you need Japanese Industrial Standard screwdrivers...

Improper screwdriver fit strips out screw heads, wastes valuable time, and makes hard work out of something that should've been rewarding. 

When working with model airplanes, electronics, robotic servos or other equipment manufactured according to precision specifications, you need the proper tools.  Always use the right tool for the job.

Japanese and other precision-made Phillips' head screws require screwdrivers that meet precise Japanese specifications, but many common American and European screwdrivers don't meet those specs.  Our JIS screwdrivers do.  They'll save you time, money, and needless frustration. 


Item CHMJSDS   Central Hobbies Price: $21.74

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