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SIG Pro-Balancer

Out of balance?

Center of gravity is no small thing. Just a fraction of an inch change in balance point can make the difference between a solid performer and an airplane you have to fight just to get back down in one piece. Differences in engine and radio selection, along with other factors will alter balance.

With the SIG PRO-BALANCER, you can quickly balance your model and propellers from one simple device. The Pro-Balancer will handle nearly every model in your fleet (fuselage widths up to 11 in (28 cm) and any size model propeller. Made of carbon steel & laser cut SIG plywood it's equipped with ball bearings to last for years.

SIGSH900  $46.98


 Center of Gravity Machine

The center of gravity (CG) for any model has a profound effect on the way it flies, handles, and responds to control inputs. As most of us know, a nose-heavy model flies poorly; a tail-heavy model flies once. Fliers who don't know this will find out the hard way!

Now you can accurately and easily balance your model according to the manufacturer's recommendations. You can also make precise changes to the CG location to alter your model's flight characteristics to match your skills and preferences. 

In the excitement of flying the latest masterpiece that you've labored perhaps months over, do you take proper steps to determine its CG?   Maybe you do a quick check of the CG using our fingertips. If the plane is too large to do this by yourself, you have your wife, girlfriend, flying buddy, or one of your kids help with the task. Such results are often less than perfect.  Don7#39t risk your masterpiece!

GPMR2400   $29.99

Dead Center Locator Tool

Marking the drilling hole pattern in an engine mount is an important task.  When improperly drilled, the holes can over-stress the mount, cause the mounting bolts to bind as they are attaching the engine to the mount, or even worse, allow for destructive vibration. But with the Dead Center Locator, you can quickly, easily and accurately pinpoint the exact spots where the hole should be.  And it's so affordable! Dead Center in-use photo Dead Center lineart

Dead Center Locator

GPMR8130     $9.99

Robart Incidence Meter


Build & Fly like a pro-use the Robart Incidence Meter
A must for setting proper thrust and wing/stabilizer incidences on a new model, or on one that shows some mysterious misalignment. It features an improved steel counterweight, precision pointer and anti-parallax scale, new magnified meter face and bubble level. Supplied with 18 inch meter bar.

The Robart Incidence Meter can also be used for checking or setting the following angles:

 Fuselage leveling • Wing leveling • Wing incidence • Stabilizer leveling • Biplane decalage • Engine thrust line • Stabilizer incidence • Engine side-thrust • Wash-in or wash-out • Fin offset • Wheel axle Toe-in

Using the Robart Incidence Meter, rest assured that the moment of lift off will be straight and true.  You will know what to expect from your model from first flight, and with every flight-straight, true flying performance!


ROB404  $49.98


TETTRA Taper Hinge Guide

A precise tool that enables you to make perfect hinge slots on straight or tapered wings.

TET1412   $19.97



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