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Central Hobbies no longer sells Pattern airplanes.

Pattern Airplanes

Pattern aircraft are not the run-of-the mill model airplanes. These are not your regular park flyers or control line model planes. They are specially designed and built for experienced aerobatic pilots. Such aerobatic styles of flight are true and serious disciplines not mastered by every rc pilot.

Central Hobbies stocks all kinds of model planes at the store in Billings. But we specialize in Pattern RC equipment and supplies. We don't offer model planes on the website because you can usually get them locally. But a carefully designed and well-built pattern plane is not available just anywhere.

Flying model planes is fun, no matter what your type of flight, for hobby or sport. And if you fly pattern, you know that Central Hobbies is the world's largest pattern rc supplier. That's because we stock and sell more high level pattern equipment than anyone else.

You don't have to be a champion to get good deals and great service at Central Hobbies, even though many of our long-time customers are champions. We offer the best hardware and great accessory products for serious sport, pattern, scale, jets and 3-D rc flyers.